Genera Pharma. New partnership between IT Pharma and Laboratorios VICU

La Joint Venture with IT Pharma will now have a new white room in the Zaragoza-based facilities
A new partnership between IT Pharma and Laboratorios VICU

The Innovation, Research and University Adviser, Pilar Alegría, has opened the new manufacturing white room of Laboratorios Vicu – the IT Pharma group’s partner-company – located in Magnus Park in the Empresarium Industrial Estate.

The aim of the Genera Pharma – the new strategic alliance between the IT Pharma group and the Laboratorios Vicu of Zaragoza – is to develop, manufacture and market food supplements, cosmetics, healthcare products, pharmaceutical active ingredients and semi-finished biotechnological products, as well as to manufacture for third parties.

Pilar Alegría outlined that it is a company with a strong technological base within the highly competitive sector of biotechnology.

Carmelo López, CEO of IT Pharma, stated that “for us this is a step further down the line towards internationalising our products and more rigorous manufacturing control, all with a company that will help us develop our projects in the short, medium and long term”.

The founding partner and CEO of Laboratorios Vicu, Iván Galindo, reinforced that: “Our shared Joint Venture, GENERA PHARMA, will act as a spearhead for many different markets, with three own product lines with identifiable names and brands. I am sincerely very proud to have joined this great Navarran group on the road to this venture, with which we can work together and continue to grow”

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